Who we are


Joshua Coombes

is a British hairstylist who started up #DoSomethingForNothing. He has been working with homeless communities around the world, offering free haircuts. This initiative originally began in 2015, in London. His desire, quite simply, was to positively impact people’s lives in the present day, telling their stories on his Instagram channel. Do Something For Nothing is a movement that connects, encourages and inspires other people to carry out small acts of kindness according to their particular skill, passing it on to those who have nothing. 


Mikey Huff

 is a photographer and founder of ‘The Wool Sock Project’ based in Anchorage, Alaska. Mikey began distributing care packages to those living on the streets across Alaska, which included a pair of wool socks to help combat the freezing temperatures. Mikey exchanged these for a conversation, documenting these moments through portrait images. Mikey's career path is carved by his curiosity for humans, he believes the best way to improve the world around you is to use your strengths to lift up the community around you.

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